About Me

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I have decided that while I may not have much to say I do still enjoy blogging periodically and so here we go…again.

The barest bit about me? I’m in the 1st of the last three semesters at WHCL, hopeful and dedicated to see it through to the end and get my degree in Political Science. I’m not sure where or what I will get my bachelors, then a Masters …maybe…just maybe beyond that – (I don’t normally plan that far in advance, my mental health issues make it hard to believe in hope, I prefer rather to remain present and take it day by day).

What I do know is that this blog is different from others I’ve written, in the following ways:

  • There will be 300-500 words. If I have to leave off on a thought, then I will. There will be no more to say once I reach the maximum I’ll terminate the entry and let your minds wander where they will.
  • I don’t know how often I’ll have anything worthy of your time – we’ll play it by ear
  • I’ll write what I want, what I am thinking, about what I’ve read or learned and provide you with context or references at the end if there is any.
  • Otherwise, this is just me talking, to you, hoping there is someone out there listening, but not planning on it.

That is all I can tell you, this is me…today.