Sympathy for the Devil Crap



As someone who is intent dealing with her trauma background I read. I read books on healing, restoring hope, traumatic brain damage, neuroscience, etc. If it deals with how to deal with the reality of having been through what I have been through, then I read up on it.

Sometimes that is not a good thing.

A book found me, through a group setting. I was good with this book for about a 100 of the 200 pages, so half way. HALF WAY I was doing pretty good. Then I hit page 100.

Page 100 comes at you with what I call sympathy for the devil bullsh*t.

‘Incest is the product of an unstable relationship between the husband and wife.’ 


Daddy can’t get it from Mommy so he goes to the kid’s bed?

Fuck you! NO! It took everything in me not to throw the damned thing across the room.

You know why it’s a “NO!” and a hard one at that? Because not every man who has a bad relationship with his wife wanders into his kid’s bed. In fact MOST men do not wander into the bed of their child for ANY REASON when they have issues with their partner. And to make EXCUSES for a pedophile (i.e. a difficult marriage), is so offensive as to be a slap in the face.

Do not ask me to be sympathetic for some sorry son of a bitch who can’t handle his bullshit and decides his KID should be the one to sooth his sorry ass.



And that is just the beginning of my rant. I’ll spare you the rest because I am too damned angry to go into it. But that! The whole sympathy for the devil? THAT is some BULLSHIT.

There will be NO SYMPATHY for a pedophile. It is not an addiction, it is not the result of a bad marriage, it is not anyone else’s fault but their own deviant disposition. I will grant only ONE thing, most pedophiles have been abused in the same way. But, and let me make this perfectly clear MOST trauma victims do not go on to become pedophiles. And while most marriages end in divorce, most men in those marriages do not seek out the comfort of the tender thighs of their child.

DO NOT pretend that rape or pedophilia is normal, but extreme.

It is not normal. It’s a perversion.

I am so NOT going to finish this book. It’s going in the trash.


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