The beans spilled into my lap – thus the “plan” begins

My history as a accounting/bookkeeping clerk seems to be part of the “plan” that the psych lady was pressing for, or it is now.

I was pulling a file on my desk and out dropped the table of contents of a book I was reading to learn bookkeeping and set up to take the certification for a full charge bookkeeper. It was there because I’ve been thinking that I would rather do my own books if I have a business, or several streams of income.

Bookkeeping was part of the plan the whole time, I reasoned that if I did anything on the side (which is necessary in this economy and my age) I would have to keep books. I’ve practiced building from excel spreadsheets so that I can track my own assets and expenses, or inventory if we are talking about the bead business – which is tedious by the way, there has to be a better way, which I settled on. But I have been busy with school and so it was back-burnered for a bit. And well, with no school for at least the next few months I can work on the business aspects I had in mind, perhaps making some jewelry – though that is not my only income option for business or part of the “plan.”

Anyway, bean counting seems to be part of the “plan.”



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