I can’t. I just can’t. Not today.


There is too much going on in my head. So today…I’m just going to attend my spiritual side and read a book on energy, light, reactivity, and being proactive. And I’m going to see if I can’t get my head to calm down.

The medication is working so far…the #drug #concoction is Wellbutrin, Trazadone, Abilify, and Xanax as needed. There is definitely a sense of well being or peace that seems to be moving into the room with me. Whether that is because I am on this drug concoction or because I have STOPPED doing what I was doing…is hard to tell. Time will sort that one out.

Until then…writing is not working today.

I do have a lovely dog named Maddie keeping me company with all her sweetness and nanny loves in her Pitty nature.



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